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Mount Dora Music Festival
2013-2014 season

The Simple Cavemen

A Central Florida porch band devoted to three chords and the truth, the Simple Cavemen are pleased to be returning for a second consecutive year to the Mount Dora Music Festival.

It's another welcome field trip for a band already familiar to Lake County music fans from regular appearances at the Yalaha Bakery.

For a decade, these Cavemen have been evolving from suburban patio dwellers into sophisticated beings skilled at striking stringed instruments and drums. Here is their story, recently found scrawled in primitive handwriting on the bathroom walls at a Central Florida Waffle House:

In the beginning, there was a Phil Hartman skit on Saturday Night Live. And it was good. There was music by Bob Dylan, Doug Sahm, Jerry Garcia and Johnny Cash. There also was Hank Williams. And that was very good.

Three chords and the truth. That's how people described the power of a Hank Williams song. To the Simple Cavemen, three chords sounded simple enough, although they weren't above using just two if that worked. Find them online at simplecavemen.com

Simple Cavemen

Saturday, February 22 at 3 p.m.
Donnelly Park Stage
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